We changed our pricing in December 2014. You can see current pricing for customers signing up after December 2014 on our website. Below is some information about why the pricing model has changed, and how this impacts customers.

Why did the pricing change?

Schedugram has been in operation for a year now, and we are proud to manage many customer account. After a year in business, we have a much better idea of how much it costs to operate the service, particularly how much hardware is required for a particular number of accounts and how much it costs to provide support to our customers. As you might expect, we vastly underestimated these when originally starting the service.

Additionally, we wanted to move to a per-Instagram-account pricing model. We provide time savings proportional to the number of accounts our users manage, and it's this time saving that you are ultimately paying for. Our experience is that we save users 3-6 hours per Instagram account per month, and so the pricing has been aligned to the requisite time you save. A per-account pricing model also means that users do not lose "trial time" when accounts are waiting to be reviewed: now the trial will begin when the first account is reviewed by our team.

Finally, there are now other products on the market who cost a similar amount to us, but do not provide the same level of features – notably, Schedugram provides 'end-to-end' posting (you do not need to have a phone on you at the time to post it yourself). In a market like this, we need to ensure that our users value the additional time and money we spend maintaining this vastly more complex infrastructure – and that there is a difference between the cost of services that save very different amounts of time to their users.

The new pricing will allow us to further invest in Schedugram's operation and development, rather than continue to 'bootstrap' our operation, and is part of our ongoing growth.

Why are accounts with more followers more expensive?

Larger (in terms of followers) accounts require more "device seconds" to post each image or video. This is because Instagram seems to make it a bit more tricky to get the content up, and so they will commonly require some number of retries before a post is successful. These "device seconds" are our primary cost driver (as more seconds used means more devices need to be purchased). 

What if I have an account with more than 1 million followers?

Great! Please get in touch for us via email at hello@schedugr.am to discuss your options with you, and provide some more customised options for you, including on-premises solutions.

Are there volume discounts for adding lots of accounts?

We provide discounts to users once you add more than 10 accounts to the platform. Please get in touch with us via email at hello@schedugr.am with details about the accounts you manage, and we will be happy to provide a quote.

What about existing customers?

Existing customers in a trial or with an active/paid subscription will not be affected. You will be 'grandfathered' on your current plans until December 2015, so the price you pay will not change. However, if you want to change plans, you will need to submit a support ticket and we will change the plan for you. 

If you had previously registered for Schedugram but then cancelled your account (for whatever reason) at the time we changed over, you will need to sign up for a new account and you will be under the new pricing.

Do you provide discounts to charities or non-profits?

Currently not, however we are considering our options in this area currently. We will advise all users via email if and when this changes.

Other questions

If you have any other questions, please email us at hello@schedugr.am and we will be more than happy to provide an answer.